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Tuesday, May 03
3:35 PMSpring Practice
Wednesday, May 04
3:35 PMSpring Practice
Thursday, May 05
3:35 PMSpring Practice
Friday, May 06
3:35 PMSpring Practice
Monday, May 09
3:35 PMSpring Practice
Tuesday, May 10
3:35 PMSpring Practice
Wednesday, May 11
3:35 PMSpring Practice
Thursday, May 12
3:35 PMSpring Practice
Friday, May 13
6:00 PMFriday Night Lights
Monday, May 16
7:00 PMGridiron Meeting
All DayWeights ‐ Testing
Tuesday, May 17
All DayWeights ‐ Testing
Wednesday, May 18
All DayWeights ‐ Testing
Thursday, May 19
All DayWeights ‐ Testing
Monday, May 23
All DayNo Weight Training
Tuesday, May 24
All DayNo Weight Training
Wednesday, May 25
All DayNo Weight Training
Thursday, May 26
Monday, May 30
All DayMemorial Day - No Workout
Tuesday, May 31
All DayNo Workout
Wednesday, Jun 01
All DayNo Workout
Thursday, Jun 02
All DayNo Workout
Monday, Jun 06
6:30 PMJr.Cougar Camp
7:30 AMWorkout
9:00 AM1st Annual Blue and Gold Golf Classic
Tuesday, Jun 07
11:00 AM7v7 & Lineman Challenge vs Wesleyan @ Home
6:30 PMJr.Cougar Camp
7:30 AMWorkout Passing Day
Wednesday, Jun 08
6:30 PMJr.Cougar Camp
7:30 AMWorkout
Thursday, Jun 09
6:30 PMJr.Cougar Camp
7:30 AMWorkout
Friday, Jun 10
10:00 AMMatt Mumme Camp
6:30 PMJr.Cougar Camp
Monday, Jun 13
7:30 AMWorkout
Tuesday, Jun 14
11:00 AM7v7 & Lineman Challenge vs Duluth @ Duluth
7:30 AMWorkout Passing Day
Wednesday, Jun 15
7:30 AMWorkout
Thursday, Jun 16
7:30 AMWorkout
Monday, Jun 20
7:30 AMWorkout
Tuesday, Jun 21
7:30 AMWorkout Passing Day
Wednesday, Jun 22
7:30 AMWorkout
Thursday, Jun 23
7:30 AMWorkout
Friday, Jun 24
All DayShoot The Hooch
Monday, Jun 27
7:30 AMWorkout
Tuesday, Jun 28
7:30 AMWorkout Passing Day
Wednesday, Jun 29
7:30 AMWorkout
Thursday, Jun 30
7:30 AMWorkout
Announcements and News



Safety is the #1 concern in coaching the proper way to play football.  There are only so many “hits” the body is designed to take throughout the course of the year, and practices are structured very carefully to limit the amount of time the body has to endure those hits.  That being said, football is still a contact sport and we have to practice and play in a manner that makes our team more physical than the opponent.  I have worked out a deal with the Guardian Cap Company to offer our players helmet shields as another method of protecting our athletes.  These shields will reduce the number of “hits” that a player may receive throughout the course of the year, as well as injuries that may occur to teammates because of the hard shell on the helmet.  I would like for all of our players to purchase one of these Guardians for their helmets, and I really want to push for all of our interior players to purchase one.  This Guardian will be yours to have so it’s only a one time purchase, and I will encourage the players to wear them at every practice. 

Attached some informational fliers as well as an order sheet for purchase.  If you would like to buy Guardians for multiple players in your family you can certainly do that by just marking the number you would like to order.  The Guardians are $45 each (which is a 25% discount from the regular price of $60), checks made payable to Guardian Caps.  Please fill out the order form, along with your check in a sealed envelope and have them turned into me.  All orders need to be turned into me by May 9th (ignore the May 2nd date on the order form).  


Our football staff will do everything we can to make the game of football as safe as possible for our team, please help me in considering purchasing one of these for your player.


Video of a Guardian Cap:




 Football Registration Process:


1) Register Online


2) Complete "Pre-Participation History" and Fulton County Forms on PrivIT  (see "Player Forms" page for details)


3)  Physicals are required, and must be uploaded to Privit.


Note:  The Little Clinic at the State Bridge Kroger offers sports physicals for $29.  Please be sure to use the GHSA Required Physical Form.

 Things to turn in to Coach:


a) 2016 Registration Form


b) CHS Trainer/Emory Healthcare Forms.(Consent to Treat, Authorization to Release Health Info, Responsibility to Report Symptoms, Hooch Trainer Form )


c) $250 check payable to “Chattahoochee High School


For more information, please contact: glenna_spradlin@HoochFootball.net

Gold Card Blitz
Hooch Football Parents, 
This Saturday during Football registration, your player will receive 20 Cougar Gold Cards to sell as part of our fundraising program. As many of you know, these are an easy sell and a real value to the community. In addition, every dollar sold by your player will help offset the costs your family will have to pay for football! 
To assist the players in selling, we will host our first Blitz Day on Saturday, April 23rd.  We will meet at the school at 9:30am and will be done by 2:30pm.  Pizza is included! 
Please be sure to mark this on your calendar.  We will need parents to help drive the boys during blitz day, so a sign up will be located at the Gold Card table during registration.  This is an easy way to help volunteer, do please don't forget to sign up. 
Thank you in advance for your support of Hooch Football!                                

Sports Nutrition for the High School Athlete

Please find the following pdf, provided by Coach Strine, located here.

All parents & students participating in Chatachoochee Football should review this document.

 Thank you!


SAT/ACT Testing Dates 2016\2017

Please see attached document for 2016/17 SAT and ACT Testing Dates.


Blue Dawn

Blue Dawn:  These are “high energy” drills not involving a football that are meant to develop teamwork and leadership.  This will last from 7-7:45, and will take place on the football field, so cleats are needed starting March 15th.  We will have Blue Dawn every Tues/Thurs morning that we are in school until Spring Practice which begins May 2nd. We will be finished in time for the players to shower and eat breakfast or get tutoring before school begins.  I am hoping for 100% participation because this builds into our Spring Practice which kicks off getting ready for our fall season.


Spring Practice

Spring practice will be May 2-May 12 with our Spring Game being on the 13th at 6pm.

We are handing out equipment after school Apr. 18th– 21st (Mon. – Seniors, Tues. – Juniors, Wed. – Sophomores, Thurs. – Freshmen)


Chattahoochee Football Program

Click on the picture to view the program.

Morning/Afternoon Weights Begin Jan 11th

All players, make sure you are signed up for weight training class next semester. 

If you aren’t able to take weight training then you need to schedule to lift either in the morning starting at 7 or right after school until 4:45.

We will have before and after school lifting Monday thru Thursday.