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Upcoming Events
Monday, Sep 26
4:00 PMPractice
7:00 PMGridiron Meeting
Tuesday, Sep 27
4:00 PMPractice
Wednesday, Sep 28
4:00 PMPractice
Thursday, Sep 29
4:00 PMPractice
6:00 PMFreshmen vs Pope Home
6:00 PMJV vs Pope Away
Friday, Sep 30
7:30 PMVarsity Football -- Chattahoochee vs Centennial @ Chattahoochee HS
Monday, Oct 03
4:00 PMPractice
Tuesday, Oct 04
4:00 PMPractice
Wednesday, Oct 05
4:00 PMPractice
Thursday, Oct 06
4:00 PMPractice
6:00 PMFreshmen vs Riverwood Away
6:00 PMJV vs Roswell Home
Friday, Oct 07
7:30 PMVarsity Football -- Chattahoochee vs Johns Creek @ Chattahoochee HS
Monday, Oct 10
4:00 PMPractice
Tuesday, Oct 11
4:00 PMPractice
Wednesday, Oct 12
4:00 PMPractice
Thursday, Oct 13
4:00 PMPractice
6:00 PMJV vs Northview Home
All DayFreshmen Bye Week
Friday, Oct 14
Monday, Oct 17
4:00 PMPractice
Tuesday, Oct 18
4:00 PMPractice
Wednesday, Oct 19
4:00 PMPractice
Thursday, Oct 20
4:00 PMPractice
6:00 PMFreshmen vs Centennial Away
6:00 PMJV vs Riverwood Home
Friday, Oct 21
7:30 PMVarsity Football -- Chattahoochee vs Pope @ Pope HS
Monday, Oct 24
4:00 PMPractice
7:00 PMGridiron Meeting
Tuesday, Oct 25
4:00 PMPractice
Wednesday, Oct 26
4:00 PMPractice
Thursday, Oct 27
4:00 PMPractice
Friday, Oct 28
7:30 PMVarsity Football -- Chattahoochee vs Northview @ Chattahoochee HS
Monday, Oct 31
4:00 PMPractice
Tuesday, Nov 01
4:00 PMPractice
Wednesday, Nov 02
4:00 PMPractice
Thursday, Nov 03
4:00 PMPractice
Friday, Nov 04
7:30 PMVarsity Football -- Chattahoochee vs Alpharetta @ Alpharetta HS
Monday, Nov 14
7:00 PMGridiron Meeting
Announcements and News

Friday's Game @ Home vs.Centennial

Friday Night's Game vs. Centennial will be a GOLD OUT!

Be sure to wear your Hooch Gold and proudly support our Cougars!

Chattahoochee High School is now offering fans the opportunity to purchase tickets online. Tickets are now on sale online for Friday’s game against Centennial. Purchase your tickets in advance to avoid lines and get in the game faster. Go to https://gofan.co/app/events/368 to purchase.

Friday night's game is Hooch Rallies for Childhood Cancer Research night!  

​It promises to be a special night at the Hooch Arena!  Come out and join us for the fun!  GO HOOCH!


 Football Registration Process:


1) Register Online


2) Complete "Pre-Participation History" and Fulton County Forms on PrivIT  (see "Player Forms" page for details)


3)  Physicals are required, and must be uploaded to Privit.


Note:  The Little Clinic at the State Bridge Kroger offers sports physicals for $29.  Please be sure to use the GHSA Required Physical Form.

 Things to turn in to Coach:


a) 2016 Registration Form


b) CHS Trainer/Emory Healthcare Forms.(Consent to Treat, Authorization to Release Health Info, Responsibility to Report Symptoms, Hooch Trainer Form )


c) $250 check payable to “Chattahoochee High School


For more information, please contact: glenna_spradlin@HoochFootball.net

Sports Nutrition for the High School Athlete

Please find the following pdf, provided by Coach Strine, located here.

All parents & students participating in Chatachoochee Football should review this document.

 Thank you!


SAT/ACT Testing Dates 2016\2017

Please see attached document for 2016/17 SAT and ACT Testing Dates.